Company Solvency

Our solvency assessments enable you to make an accurate assessment of your business partners and make safe decisions in the B2B sector.

Knowing your business partners is crucial

If you want to establish a business relationship with another company, you need appropriate information about your counterpart. This information is primarily used to ensure your own economic success in the long term. With our solvency assessments we help you to assess business partners correctly and to make safe decisions in B2B business.

Business information about companies

As an entrepreneur, you should be informed about the solvency of companies with whom you want to work or enter into a new contract. After all, payment difficulties, payment defaults or invoices that you have to wait a long time to settle are not only annoying, but also involve increased expense. Furthermore, open invoices can severely affect the liquidity of your company.

To prevent this, we offer you various forms of information on companies across the EU and Turkey as well as foreign business information for the international market. In addition, we also provide efficient monitoring solutions that guarantee company monitoring over a longer period of time - including notification of changes.


Premium report

The all-round package for high-risk business decisions. In addition to solvency development, you receive complete annual financial statements, central balance sheet key figures and external payment histories - including twelve-month monitoring.

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Economic information

Detailed evaluation of transactions in the higher risk area. In addition to the Creditreform Solvency Index, you also receive balance sheet data, information on sectors, current and historical business figures, and details of payment methods.

Compact Report

Sound evaluation of transactions in the medium risk range. In addition to the Creditreform Solvency Index and general master data, you also receive current business figures and an evaluation of the payment method.

Brief Report

Reliable assessment of low risks by means of credit rating in one of six risk classes. You will also receive the most important basic data, sales and employee figures and a summary credit assessment.

Traffic Light Report

Rapid risk assessment of transactions with a small volume by means of solvency traffic lights (green, yellow, red). You receive important company data such as company name, company status, address and contact details.

Commercial Report International

Detailed credit information and risk classification of international customers and suppliers - for medium to large deals.

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Compact Report International

Compressed business information to evaluate your foreign partners - for small to medium-sized businesses.

Brief Report International

For quick assessment by means of a traffic light-style solvency evaluation - for international transactions with low volumes.


Direct notification of changes in Solvency or master data - updated information with justification of supplements. For the medium to high risk area.

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Insolvency Monitor

Continuous monitoring and immediate updates on all insolvency announcements.

Signal Solvency

Notification in case of significant changes in solvency. For the basic monitoring of customers in the low risk area.

Signal Address

In case of changes in the master data (company name, address, contact data, identification number) you will be informed immediately and receive the current data.

International Monitoring

Constant monitoring of important customers and suppliers in international business. You receive all relevant information on changes.

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International Universal Signal

Early risk detection through indications of significant changes in your business partners abroad.

Which information can you acquire from us?

In order to get a solid basis for decision-making in B2B business, we provide you with information in various forms. Each of our information contains general company data as a basis. Here we break down the financial strength of the company in question into risk classes using our solvency index.  Further components are the method of payment offered, a credit assessment, structural data - i.e. legal form, foundation and entry in the commercial register - as well as details of management and powers of representation.

Depending on the information option chosen, additional information on shareholdings, business figures, annual financial statements or payment history may also be provided.


The advantages

  • You will receive current and carefully checked business information - in a compact, clearly presented form.
  • You gain decisive reliability through well-founded solvency assessments of companies - nationally and internationally.
  • You have the opportunity to monitor all important existing customers and suppliers at home and abroad and to keep an eye on your business partners.
  • Our evaluation basis is reliable - thanks to a large database that we continuously maintain and complete.