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Creditreform Turkiye is a credit and risk management support services and commercial information provider.

About Creditreform Turkiye

As a requirement of international trade, every company needs to know the solvency and economic status of the future business contacts. Creditreform Turkey Bilgi Servis ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Ltd  (established within the CREDITREFORM organization) is responsible for providing the most reliable information to its customers and members.

The core misson of our company, which has been operating in Istanbul since 2009, is mutual assistance among members by sharing information about dishonest traders, as in Western Europe. Creditreform Turkiye offers a range of business services designed to support the performance of all its customers.

Creditreform Turkiye Service Overview:

  • Credit Report Service: Our credit report service provides a profile and credit rating of the company requested by our customers/members. Our report includes subject company's past payment performances, along with summary information and credit rating and credit limit. The end users of the credibility reports are mostly financial institutions and insurance companies.

  • Debt Collection Service: We act as mediator in the settlement of all kinds of disputes that arise in commercial life, especially in foreign trade, resolve problems between the parties and follow up on overdue receivables. Creditreform Turkiye Ltd. with its international partners, especially with the Creditreform offices spread all over Europe, resolves cross-country problems fast and primarily out-of-court.
  • Marketing Service: Creditreform Turkiye Ltd provides company information and addresses throughout Europe for companies that want to open up to foreign trade markets which helps our customers to establish marketing and promotion channels. For example, a shoe manufacturer can contact us before traveling to any part of Europe and obtain the name, address and telephone information of the shoe stores in that region within 6 working days, starting from the postal code of the desired region. Later, our customer can make a better decision by requesting a detailed credibility report about potential companies to work with..

We believe that you will find Creditreform Turkiye is a customer-friendly, economically efficient resource in your growth and development toolkit. Business managers, credit risk managers, line associates will all find value in the product and service offerings of Creditreform Turkiye, and look forward to seeing you as our client very soon!

Some members/customers of Creditreform Turkiye:

  • Türk Eximbank
  • Coface
  • Liebherr
  • Jungheinrich
  • Yıldız Holding
  • Petkim 
  • Socar
  • Doğan Medya

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Solvency & risk assessment

Information, credit assessment, monitoring, payment experiences

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Collection & Accounts Receivable

Dunning, receivables management, credit insurance, factoring

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Market analysis & customer data

Location potentials, market and industry knowledge, customer management

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